What are Stormwater Retention Credits?

In order to meet its Clean Water Act obligation, in 2013 Washington, D.C. implemented new regulations requiring major, new construction and renovation projects within D.C. to capture stormwater runoff from their property sites through green infrastructure. To maximize design flexibility for developers, the city has created the Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC) market, a first-of-its-kind trading program that allows developers to meet a portion of their retention requirements by purchasing credits generated by off-site.


Landowners in the District can participate in the SRC market by installing certified green infrastructure projects on their property, which generate credits that can be sold to developers. District Stormwater partners with landowners to replace unneeded impervious surfaces, such as roads or parking lots, with green infrastructure – free of charge. Working with District Stormwater to convert impervious surface space to green infrastructure will lower your water bill and enhance the natural beauty of your property. 


How Much Can I Save?

The District’s stormwater credit trading program can be a complex marketplace to navigate. District Stormwater has developed financial modeling tools for landowners to help with decision-making. These tools help estimate the amount of cost-savings that could be acheived.  


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