Who We Are

District Stormwater brings together the innovative scientific expertise of The Nature Conservancy, and the financial acumen of NatureVest, The Nature Conservancy’s conservation investing unit, to provide green infrastructure solutions to developers and land owners in Washington, D.C. The Nature Conservancy works on-the-ground in the District, consulting closely with developers on their offsite retention needs, and directly planning, supervising and implementing stormwater retention projects with landowners that generate SRCs.

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District Stormwater streamlines the process for developers to more easily meet their stormwater retention obligation

District Stormwater streamlines the process for developers to more easily meet their stormwater retention obligation


District Stormwater works with property owners and regulators in Washington, D.C. to provide a cost-effective supply of Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs) that developers can acquire to meet their permitted requirements.

  1. We take the hassle out of finding SRCs by developing relationships with property owners to implement stormwater retention practices in priority watershed areas of DC.

  2. We then take the whole SRC project through design, permitting, construction and maintenance to provide developers with a long-term supply of SRCs.

  3. Our team facilitates an easy process for developers to acquire our SRCs through the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) SRC Registry.

  4. Once SRCs acquired, developers will be compliant with city regulations and can receive their Certificate of Occupancy.



We help developers meet their permitted stormwater retention requirements and maximize property use by supplying offsite SRCs, which reduces the burden for onsite stormwater management and frees up space for amenities. We assume full responsibility for maintaining SRC compliance, eliminating regulatory risk for developer-purchased credits.



We help landowners reduce impervious surface fees by implementing cost-effective stormwater retention solutions, such as replacing impervious surfaces with attractive rain gardens. These services come at no cost to the landowner, help the landowner to save money by reducing their stormwater fees in their water bill, and can even provide landowners with new revenue streams through credit sales. And we always include the landowner in the design process so that the stormwater retention infrastructure meets the desired aesthetic outcomes for the property.



District Stormwater works with elected officials and the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment to support the development of the SRC market. We work with environmental design, construction and engineering firms that specialize in implementing stormwater retention projects. We Help Local Communities by reducing water pollution entering our streams and rivers, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. And we support the local economy by hiring local contractors to design, build and maintain our green infrastructure projects.